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This Week's Theme: Deep Sea Diving

PBS LearningMedia takes the plunge this week and explores the depths of Davy Jones’ Locker! Featured resources highlight sea pigs, cuttlefish, fish with teeth, and much more.

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WGVU - PBS for West and Southwest Michigan

WGVU's continued mission is to provide educational, informative, and entertaining programs and events to the West and Southwest Michigan community as a service of Grand Valley State University.

WGVU LearningMedia Custom Launched!

The Robert E. & Marcia L. Schaub Family Foundation is partnering with WGVU Public Media to implement WGVU & PBS LearningMedia Custom Service.  WGVU LearningMedia Custom provides additional content for Teachers, Parents, and Students.  Additionally it provides training on how to use the service, customer support, and additional education resources from WGVU Public Media. 

We are thankful to The Schuab Family Foundation for believing in Education and the value that WGVU and PBS provide to Be More.  With their support we will be able to impact our children's future and enrich education for all. 

If you would like to be part of WGVU LearningMedia Custom please email us at education@wgvu.org

PNC Bank partners with WGVU

PNC Bank is partnering with WGVU Public Media to bring educational resources to our community. Learn more about WGVU Engage Education underwritten by PNC Bank at www.wgvu.org/engage and click on the Education button.

WGVU Engage

WGVU has a long tradition of reaching out to audiences and a mission to serve the public both on-air and off. WGVU Engage works with our Outreach and Community Engagement programs to connect.  Learn how you can be part of the WGVU Engage Education Committee by emailing education@wgvu.org

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Your Chance to Win: Show the world that you're a bona fide PBS Teacher w/ gear from PBS LearningMedia!


Literature & Culture: Discover why the novel To Kill a Mockingbird is still relevant 54 years after its publication.


Man on the Moon: Tour the moon’s surface on the 45th anniversary of Neil Armstrong's lunar landing.

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